Traveling Tips From Doctor Motley


We were lucky enough to visit Doctor Motley when we were in Nashville! Joaquin was dealing with a cough and had a fever the day before, so Doctor Motley helped us with tips to stay healthy on the road. Here are Doctor Motley’s travel tips:


Traveling with toddlers can be the most fun, but it can be the most stressful. It’s inevitable that your little one(s) will crawl on an airport floor, touch a dirty door handle, or sprawl out on a green room floor...and to finish it all off, put their hands in their mouth. 

Travel to some parents can pretty much guarantee that their child will get some form of bug or the sniffles. It doesn’t have to be this way. Building the immune system to fight off incoming viruses or bacteria should be a priority for your child, but ALSO FOR YOU.

The most significant way to build a toddlers immune system is to incorporate basic vitamins and minerals in their daily regimen. I do suggest using liquid forms of supplementation for them since it would be easier for YOU and them. This regimen can be placed all in a small cup of water, low-sugar juice, coconut milk, breast milk, etc.

These are nutritional suggestions, they have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Thank you so much Doctor Motley for all the help! Check out his information here!

Watch the video below to find out about Doctor Motley, and all of his helpful tips!