Joaquin & Friends Museum Guides: A Blueberry Patch


For a little change up in the daily activities we decided to venture to a blueberry patch! Amanda was telling a story about pumpkin picking in Iowa on another tour, which sparked the idea to find a summer version of that. I found a farm about 15 minutes outside of Des Moines, so I put the 3 kiddos in the car and we jetted off. When the Uber said we had arrived I was sure I put the wrong address in, since we were stopped in front of a small farm house on a country road. I went to the front door and rang the doorbell which resulted in no answer…well some kittens greeted me with a dead bird but that was it. Just as I was about to call the Uber back a teenager came out and showed us to 10 bushes that had a few blueberries to pick. The boys were entertained for about 4 minutes, and Luna had already eaten all of the ripe berries off the branches. In my attempt to keep the activity last a bit longer it started pouring rain…soooo the Uber was called back.

Thankfully the Science Center of Iowa was super close to the venue, and it was one of Joaquin’s favorites from a few tours ago. The boys had so much fun, and spent about 45 minutes building Lego cars to race down a track (God bless drawn out activities, we love you Legos). We definitely stayed until closing time. 

After dinner we took a stroll to Molly’s cupcakes and had the BEST cupcakes. Our favorites were cake batter and wedding cake. There were cool swings on the bar that the boys sat on to devour their cupcakes, and a ton of board games so we really made the most of that dessert trip. 

It ended up being a great day, even amidst the rainy blueberry patch. 


Joaquin & Friends Museum Guides: San Fransisco, CA


We’re SO happy to be back in the great state of California! San Fransisco is one of the coolest cities, with so many different things to do every visit. So I’m sort of a Disney fan….ok I’m an extremely obsessive Disney fan, so of course we had to go to the Walt Disney Family Museum. I was in HEAVEN! It’s such a beautiful museum with alllll there is to know about Disney. There aren’t many interactive activities so we went through pretty quickly, but it was definitely a win. Check out a video of our visit below!


Joaquin & Friends Museum Guides: Washington, DC


All the smiles because we’re in one of our favorite cities! Washington DC is the motherland for amazing museums, and we make it a tradition to always visit the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It’s filled with amazing exhibits, with Joaquin’s favorite being able to walk through a spaceship. We love getting lunch right outside in the National Mall, and definitely run off some energy in all the grassy space. There also must be a mandatory ice cream break. We had a blast DC!


Joaquin & Friends Museum Guides: Frist Art Museum

This museum guide is extra special because we were in my hometown AND have a whole group to explore the Frist with! My mom, sister, Joaquin’s Abuela, Aunt Abdi, and Luna all joined us. We visited this museum on our last visit to Nashville, and I grew up going here, so we always love coming back. The art room is fun for any age, with lots of paint and interactive exhibits. Check out the video below to see our afternoon at the Frist!